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What are we all about?

The idea started like so many do, between two great friends – Kelly Sosan Bearer and Nicole Fegley. We are both passionate about the Integral movement – the emerging worldspace of conscious individuals who care about development, increasing awareness, taking multiple perspectives, and having a better understanding of our world – and fundamentally just living more good, true, and beautiful lives. We have lived and worked at the heart of the movement for many years, side-by-side in the trenches with the best Integral teachers, experiencing what Integral truly means and offers, while at the same time having witnessed (and been caught up in) the pitfalls and projections of the leading edge. We’ve in essence, grown up Integral. One thing we kept asking ourselves on our tour around the frothy and exciting, but often intellectual and masculine-centered block was…What does it mean to be an Integral Chick?

Without any clear answers, we dove into the heart of the matter and started consciously living the inquiries:

  • How can we be more informed by, more embodied in, and more respectful of our feminine essence?
  • How can we carve out uniquely feminine personal practices? How do we relate to technology and culture from a more feminine perspective?
  • How do we balance and wield this emerging femininity while honoring the strength and importance of our inherent masculinity?
  • How can we do all this in a humorous, open, and fun way?

To sum it all up, we might simply ask:

How do we unite Beauty, Truth, and Goodness (The Big 3) with Big Heart?

We quickly realized that the Integral Chicks koan was much bigger than we first imagined and that it deserved a larger treatment than what the two of us alone could accomplish. In 2012, Integral Chicks evolved into a full-blown digital media project focusing on conversations at the intersection of Women’s Spirituality, Integral Practice, Technology, and Global Culture.

Powered by an amazing and growing team of Integral Chicks, we are embarking on a collective exploration, diving deeply into all facets of a 21st Century Femininity.