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Put on Your Red Shoes and Dance the Blues

Following on her last video for Integral Chicks, Nicole goes deeper into the felt experience of what happens in her unique embodiment practice, Kosmic Pulse. Movement practice gives us a chance, amongst many other things, to notice our breathing, to relate to our environment through our physical form, to be with the heat and fire of our body and emotions, and to bring ourselves continually back to the present moment, the only one we actually have to move in. How can you possibly “talk“ about what goes on in a practice like that? Listen to her words as they dance you into reverie, while imagining the last time you engaged your form.

…And, as if that weren’t enough, Dustin and Nicole also break down the pitfalls of exclusively engaging either an ascending or descending practice path. Would you believe that you can actually integrate both streams at the same time through a movement practice? A truly integral feat! Inspired? We are! Now get out and move!

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Currently Reading: Calm Abiding and Special Insight: Achieving Spiritual Transformation Through Meditation Geshe Gedun Lodro

Practice Focus: Expansion (vs. contraction).

Currently Watching: The Fabric of the Cosmos with Brian Greene

Currently Listening To: Everything Everytime Everywhere by Trevor Hall

Shadow Element or Emotion Discovered While Writing This: Identifying with the “tired mother”/self judgement on perceived loss of mojo due to motherhood.

Link of the Week: Blasted Rapid-Roast Whole Chicken

Nicole Churchill MA, MT-BC is the co-founder of Samadhi – an Integral Life Practice center located just outside Boston, Massachusetts. She is a board certified Music Therapist, Integral Psychotherapist and Expressive Movement innovator, having studied at Berklee College of Music for her B.A. in music and Naropa University for her Masters in expressive arts, music therapy and transpersonal counseling psychology. Today, she has the fortunate luck to share offices at Samadhi with her primary dharma teacher Dr. Daniel Brown studying Indo-Tibetan Mahamudra and Dzogchen.

Dustin DiPerna is an authority on world religions and brings a provocative, and often brilliant perspective to the topic by incorporating developmental psychology and integral theory. After spending two years at Integral Institute from 2003-2005 working for both the seminar team and Integral Spiritual Center, inspired by all that he experienced, Dustin left I-I to begin writing full time about the nexus of religion and psychological development.

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