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IC 04: Allowing Yourself to Come Online


[powerpress]Episode Description:

Folks, we are thrilled and honored to welcome our fourth guest to the show, Corey W. deVos, aka dj rekluse.

Those of you who check out the weekly Integral Life update and website – extra frothy with the hottest offerings from Ken Wilber and a whole host of Integral luminaries – have witnessed the genius and great effort of Mr. deVos. Corey’s deal is that he listens to and edits all of the Integral Life audio each week, wraps some stunning prose around them, handcrafts each image to reflect the essence of the media asset, puts it all together on the site, and delivers it to your mailbox every Wednesday. He not only does his job with great care, but he has also been the longest employee on record at Integral Institute/Integral Life. He’s been doing this so long, this dude has probably heard Ken Wilber’s voice more than anyone on the planet (except, of course, for KW himself). We know you must be deeply pondering the incredible psycho/techno/neuro/spiritual/creative influence that has got to have on a person. That’s some serious transmission, yo!

We are only scratching the surface of our very true, mad, and deep love of Corey — which for Kelly, dates all the way back to high school. But folks, that’s a particular history that for now will remain a mystery. ‘Cause in our 15 Minutes of Fame interview segment, we’ll journey back old school-like into the Integral community before we are propelled forward to the future… to what might unfold in coming years in the Integral space. Are we in the midst of a movement here, or are we just lost in an interesting part of the dream? Listen in to find out Corey’s thoughts on this unknowable question as well as his hopes for the future of Integral community and culture.

Corey also gets personal with us on his undergarment choices for the podcast and his time last year at Integral Spiritual Experience over New Year’s. Corey was one of the many people at the event who felt a profound personal shift born out of devotional service, supporting the teaching of Susanne Cook-Greuter (for more on Corey’s time with Susanne, read this), while immersed in a very profound revealing of shadow elements and unique self emergence. Being broken open, coming online, stepping into his gifts, and even quitting smoking were all a part of Corey’s experience. It’s a beautiful story, made all the more beautiful by dj rekluse’s elegant word music.

Come online! Use and abuse your mortal coil, people!

Do not miss this podcast where we dialogue with a rare model of true authenticity before….

  • Sharing what we think authenticity is clearly not in the Integral McNugget of the Week, Authentic Does Not Mean Moronic! And…
  • Boomer pals, hold onto your hats, cause this week in That’s So Boomer, Awww! we’re showing you how to attach a file to an email. You’ll be sending those vacations pics to friends and family in no time.

Hope you enjoy this froth-full and open-hearted show! We made it just for you. Mwah!

And we out…

Episode Bios:

Corey W. deVos is the Managing Editor, Content Producer, and Writer at Integral Life, as well as the Site Manager of KenWilber.com. He has worked for Integral Institute since Spring of 2003, and has been a student of integral theory and practice since 1996. A collection of Corey’s writings (as well as “trans-genre” DJ mixes by his alter-ego, dj rekluse) can be found on www.CoreyWdeVos.com.

Kelly Sosan Bearer is the Co-founder of Integral Chicks. Kelly currently serves as Executive Producer for Sofia Diaz and Multimedia Producer at Buddhist Geeks. An ordained Zen monk, Kelly graduated from Naropa University with a MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. She goes by the alter-ego DJ Sosan and has been dropping beats for the Integral scene since 2005. Follow her on Twitter @KellyBearer.

Nicole Fegley is the Executive Producer, Co-Founder, and Host of Integral Chicks. She is a Certified Integral Coach through Integral Coaching Canada and coaches with Integral Life, The Integral Incubator, and Engaging the Future. Nicole is the Co-founder, with her partner Clint Fuhs, of Core Integral.

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